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Kechi Wraps is a small family operation sourcing beautiful African prints from local market stalls supporting micro-businesses across East and West Africa to create high quality, reusable beeswax wrap products. Using fair trade practices to support local communities and 100% organic locally sourced beeswax, and pine resin and organic jojoba oil, Kechi Wraps are designed and handcrafted in South Surrey, Canada. Profits are reinvested to support local businesses and families in rural West Africa.


Our beeswax wraps, bread and produce bags are a sustainable, eco-friendly, fair trade and organic alternative to plastic wrap. Help eliminate plastic waste while supporting micro-businesses and families in Africa.


They are a perfect Christmas or birthday gift for friends and family looking to reduce plastic waste, support businesses and families in need, and have a beautiful addition to their kitchen. They are ideal as stocking stuffers, and small gifts for any occasion, removing the guilt from Christmas consumption!


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