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Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial (care of the Beeswax and Jojoba oil), ethically sourced and made, eco-friendly (made with minimal waste and sustainable ingredients, reducing plastic free, reusable, washable), and high quality. Because they are biodegradable at the end of their life, they are also zero waste!


Our wraps are made with:

  • Hand-sourced ethical trade fabrics from East and West Africa

  • 100% organic beeswax

  • 100% organic jojoba oil

  • 100% organic pine tree resin


Production method:

  • Fabrics are sourced from East and West Africa

  • Ingredients are sourced from local markets and businesses

  • Wax is mixed in South Surrey and applied to fabrics using renewable and biodegradable ingredients in a nearly 0 waste production process

  • Hand packaged and delivered locally or using most carbon neutral transport modes where needed


100% NATURAL & Ethically made

Handmade in Canada using beautiful fabrics sourced in local markets in East and West Africa supporting micro-businesses.


Wraps are made with 100% organic, cosmetic grade, un-bleached beeswax, and organic Jojoba oil and Pine tree resin. All packaging is made from recycled unbleached materials.



By using reusable food wraps you can avoid the use of the single use plastics which clog up oceans, waterways and landfills. Kechi Wraps can last up to a year, if cared for, and can be sent back to be re-waxed or composted at the end of their life!



Wraps and bags come in a variety of sizes and patterns. You can cover small mason jars, or produce, larger dishes and pans, or even an entire loaf of bread or casserole. Create reusable sandwich and snack bags, or wonderful anti-bacterial placemats for picnics. Check out our bulk packs to stock your kitchen or share with friends and family. 


Easy to Use

‘Activated’ using the warmth of your hands and sealed by forming the wraps over objects and dishes, the wraps are easy to use. The wax will cool to form a seal to keep food fresh naturally. You can wash Kechi Wraps using mild soap and warm (not hot!) water. Because you should not use harsh cleansers or heat, you should not use these wraps with raw meat.

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